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Day 10: Leaving Las Vegas

By admin on February 15, 2012

I leave today for Three Rivers, California where I will spend the night at the Three Rivers Bed and Breakfast in anticipation of a full day in the Sequoia National Park on Thursday. I discovered the welcoming and very helpful Leah Clauney when I called the Chamber of Commerce in Three Rivers to inquire about the prudence of planning a drive through the Park this time of year when snow chains are required in many places. Through her, I was able to allay my concerns by reserving a seat with Becky Bischoff and her husband who offer a naturalists’ tour of the park, AND by making a reservation at her(Leah’s) bed and breakfast right at the entrance to the Park!

I have reflected on my visit to Las Vegas and the stunning extremes of the Grand Canyon I left one morning and the Las Vegas I entered at sunset that same day.  Foremost is the concept of Time. In the Grand Canyon, Time is all. Time on a geologic scale that is humbling and enlightening. Time is the constant.  While still a part of the whole, you are a mere flicker of light. But you join the vast multitudes of all who came before you.

In Las Vegas everything has been designed to obliterate the concept of time. All the natural rhythms of the passing of time have been supplanted by kinetic light, noise and crowds in order to place you in your supreme position on top of it all.

The landscapes also offer extremes of position. The vastness of the Grand Canyon beckoned me to become a part of it. The multitude of shades of blue invoked the very idea of time and memory and  invite the viewer to do the same. Vasily Kandinsky in On the Spiritual in Art advised that “the deeper the blue, the more it summons man into infinity.” Exactly…

The vast emptiness of the desert is completely indifferent to my existence. It is completely preoccupied with doing all it can to withstand its own extremes. There is no room for care of my presence or my passing.

I will leave Nevada and enter California for the first time, down and up, tracing the outline of a smile across the map. I look forward to a new adventure and to seeing the grand Sequoias tomorrow.


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  1. Anna

    I want to hear more about your time spent in Vegas!

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