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Day 5: A Perfect Day in the Grand Canyon

By admin on February 11, 2012

What good fortune I have had during my brief trip to Bright Angel Lodge on the South rim of the Grand Canyon. First of all, the weather has been most unusual for this time of year. Everyone here keeps saying that we should be under 18″ of snow and in the middle of a storm bringing more. It has been 55 degrees here both days with perfect clear blue skies. A big, fat gibbous moon rose high in the clear winter sky last night, giving the canyon the ghostlike quality of a daguerreotype. It is a sight I will never forget.

My neighbor Neil told me when I came here to go outside in the dark and stand at the edge and “feel the void.” Last night I did just that. I did not feel emptiness. Although, I was well aware of the chasm, I felt a palpable presence of something. The Hopi believe that their sipapu, the entry through which their people emerged from the earth, is located in the Grand Canyon and that their dead return here to rest. Who am I to disagree…? The ravens patrolling the edge of the canyon seemed to follow me all day with something urgent to say to me.

I exhausted myself today because I don’t want to miss one moment of the light on the canyon. It changes from moment to moment and creates anew everything it touches. I have been given an incredible day to walk the Rim Trail, and walk I have!
I am sitting outside the Bright Angel Lodge watching the colors change and hoping the internet holds long enough for me to send a few pictures from earlier today. They do not begin to tell the marvel of this place. Nothing I say changes anything or adds to what I have experienced. It’s complete just as it is, but I did commit to do this, didnt I?

I cannot take it all in – and I want it all! Just to try to think about time in this place that is Time personified requires a more expansive mind than my own. The rock that you can see at the bottom of the canyon is two billion years old and formed before the earth’s atmosphere contained oxygen.
The next layer didn’t form for another 1.2 billion years. Billion... And that’s just for starters…
I, who already have a pretty tenuous relationship with time, have loosened my grasp a little bit more today.

To continue on my theme of good fortune – When my travel plans changed for today and I hoped to get another night in my cabin, there was none available with anything like my view. I took my chances that something would open up before I got here and hoped for the best.  Bingo! I will sleep tonight in a cabin two doors down from mine. Same view, but with a fireplace.

I will need  time to absorb all I have experienced in these last 24 hours. It is a good thing that Barb and Cori and I are coming back on my return trip! Otherwise, it would be very hard to leave.

Tomorrow after a walk on the Bright Angel Trail, I am off for Las Vegas. Wish me luck! Speaking of luck, if any of you want me to place a bet for you, let me know. My luck has been wonderful lately.

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  1. Vivian Luke

    Donna, I am so enjoying reading of your travels. The picture of you staring out onto the Grand Canyon is spectacular! Be safe & I’m looking forward to reading more……. Vivian

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