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Days 19 and 20: Reunion With the Canyon

By admin on February 26, 2012

My final tribute to the Canyon came to me from WG Sebald’s wonderful book The Rings of Saturn. I had written a phrase from the book in a journal last summer long before my pilgrimage here, but the words seem to anticipate and capture the essence of this place-  ”the blue (of this Canyon) seemed the only possible answer to the questions that are on my mind.”

There are but a few highly anticipated moments in life that turn out exactly as you imagined and hoped they would. I  just experienced another upon my return trip to the Canyon on Thursday – the perfect execution of my plan to make Barb’s first view of the Canyon as memorable and as full of all the wonder I felt when I first saw it.

Getting there at the hour of my choosing involved lots of driving, a perfectly timed 5:00 arrival at Hopi Point, a blindfold,  a huge reservoir of trust on her part and a wonderful videographer in Cori who captured the moment.

We followed that up with a lovely two night stay at the historic El Tovar Lodge right on the rim of the Canyon, enjoying dinners together by the window both nights and long walks by day.

Best dessert of all? Naming all the stars in the crescent-mooned sky  over the Canyon.

Cori and the raven,one of many guides we encountered.

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