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Waiting on Sandy in NYC

By admin on October 29, 2012

Anna and I began our grey Sunday morning in the City with a visit to the Whitney to experience ‘Fireflies’- the expansive creation of Yayoi Kusama- on its last day at the museum. We were second and third in line. Each viewer enters a narrow, guard-opened door and and is left alone when it closes in an infinity of  water, lights and mirrors.One minute later the door is opened and you are pulled back to the present. Your moment is up; another steps in after you.

It was fleeting and profound, like life itself.


We walked through Central Park on a cool, soft, breezy morning. The park is now closed in anticipation of tree-toppling winds.  (Central Park closed…?) Subways are closed. Storefronts and restaurants are dark as workers were sent home on the last ride out of town at 7:00 tonight. Cabs move freely up eerily empty streets. The wind is picking up and swishing the trees around outside the apartment, but the rain has not yet arrived.

New Yorkers tonight seem equal parts cautious and festive.The streets of the Upper West side of Manhattan are quiet. Halloween decorations seem left behind from some other time.

I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.


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